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Cusco Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ Steering Rack Bushing | Shift Lever Bushing | Rear Differential Collar | Transmission Collar

Posted on 18 February 2014


Cusco has just released their driveline bushing and collar components for the 2013+ Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Included are steering rack bushings, a shift lever retainer bushing, a rear differential carrier collar, and a transmission mount collar.

Cusco Steering Rack Bushings

steering-rack-bushings Part No: 965-935-A MSRP: $120.00 MAP's Price: $108.00 Replacing the worn factory rubber bushings with urethane Cusco Steering Rack Bushings will result in increased steering and sharper handling as well as a more direct road surface feedback through the steering wheel. This product also suppresses alignment deflection caused by heavy loads, making your vehicle steer much smoother.

Cusco Shift Lever Retainer Bushing

shift-lever-retainer-bushings Part No: 965-936-A MSRP: $40.00 MAP's Price: $36.00 By replacing the factory bushings with the Cusco Shift Lever Retainer Bushing unit, a more direct and linear shift engagement can be obtained. A smoother shift operation results in fewer mis-shifts. Combine this product with the Transmission Mount Collar for the optimum shifting experience. Please note this set does not include inner bushings.

Cusco Rear Differential Carrier Strengthened Collar

rear-differential-carrier-collar Part No: 965-928-A MSRP: $160.00 MAP's Price: $144.00 Fight bushing deflection with the Cusco strengthened rear differential carrier collar. Replacing the factory bushings with this durable collar prevents unwanted rear differential carrier movement which can lead to poor rear wheel traction. This item is beneficial for vehicles with extensive rear differential mods such as an upgraded LSD.

Cusco Transmission Mount Collar

trans-mount-collar Part No: 965-912-A MSRP: $67.00 MAP's Price: $60.30 The Cusco Transmission Mount Collar is made to be installed with the factory mount. The result is a significant increase in rigidity of the transmission operation, specifically during hard shifting. Overall shift feel is improved and is especially noticeable when combined with an aftermarket clutch with the potential of holding more torque.

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