Modern Automotive Performance
Modern Automotive Performance

The Greatest Era To Be A Car Guy, And We Missed It...

Posted on 06 February 2014

Speed, strength and efficiency – these would be the three main characteristics of the muscle-car. They certainly were well suited for racing, since muscle cars topped other vehicles when it comes to speed, strength and efficiency. Muscle cars were created from the mid-1960s in to the early 1970s, however the creation of such animals dropped significantly as a result of quantity of factors. First was the debate over whether it was sensible and sensible to create such effective cars open to everyone, mainly because of road-racing. Liability associated with them was quite high which required classic car insurance quote providers to improve premiums for covering muscle cars, since muscle cars were often-used irresponsibly. Emission control requirements meant to curb pollution also played in to the image which makes it near-impossible for automakers to create muscle cars that met the criteria they'd to stick to. Obviously, the muscle-car business changed rapidly because of these impacts. Automakers needed to meet up with the challenges presented by pollution control standards and need reduced since many “would-be” customers of muscle cars couldn’t believe spending the huge insurance costs for a higher-energy car. Will show time automakers restore creation of true muscle cars which are fast and effective? Maybe there is enough demand to create muscle-car manufacturing worthwhile for them? Because muscle cars were made for a restricted period of time, they're useful objects for collectors and are still highly attractive to people who enjoy racing or need a fast, effective, mid sized vehicle. Classic muscle cars are quite amazing bits of equipment. One which is in cherry condition and restored is truly worth lots of money. As time continues, you will find less muscle cars available making them much more useful to muscle car enthusiasts and traditional car lovers.

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