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2014 Racers Contingency | Competition Clutch

Posted on 20 January 2014

DSC0517 In an effort to show its support for the car enthusiasts that purchase our product, Competition Clutch has developed a contingency program that will allow you to receive payouts for simply attending approved sanctioned events. We will be continuing this program for the 2014 racing season! competition clutch racers contingency payouts sponsorship Here are the rules that must be met in order to receive contingency payout. • The official contingency sticker must be placed on your car in one of these locations: front bumper, fenders, front windshield, or door roll call. • Current Year Contingency Claim form must be completed. • Copy of Original Proof of Purchase for Clutch, Clutch and Flywheel or Twin Disc/Super Single Clutch Kit. Date of purchase must be within last two years. • Picture of your car at the event with the CC decal affixed. • One claim per car, per person, per invoice for approved events on any given single day. (Ex.Two people that drive the same vehicle, only one of the drivers will be awarded contingency money) • These items MUST be emailed to within 2 weeks of attending the event.

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