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2014 Mercedes CLA Performance Parts | CLA250 Suspension Upgrades & Accessories

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Looking for better handling from your 2014 Mercedes CLA?

Mercedes CLA Lowering Springs & Coilovers
Since the 2014 CLA250 sports a turbocharged 2L engine with plenty of potential we've noticed many enthusiasts have started planning performance upgrades such as downpipes, suspension upgrades, and catback exhausts before they've even taking delivery. In an effort to help support the aftermarket performance market for this car I wanted to do a quick run down on some products we expect to see hit the streets, possibly even before 2014.

2014 CLA250 Suspension Upgrades:

Mercedes Benz owners want luxury, but they also want performance! Installing lowering spring on your CLA will definitely increase your cars sex appeal but as some owners have already experienced there is also some side affects.  Lowering springs can cause poor ride quality and although you'll eliminate that ugly wheel well gap you should make an informed decision by weighing the pro's and con's of lowering your 2014 Merceds CLA. Additional options are hitting the market every day so check for reviews and choose your lowering springs based on what you value most, are you all about the aesthetics? Maybe you're looking for the absolute best performance & handling? Or is this your daily driver and ride quality is of the utmost importance?

Our Recommendations:

Daily Driver / Budget Friendly: Lower your 2014 Mercedes CLA’s center of gravity and reduce body roll for better overall handling with H&R Springs! Eibach has recently released their Pro-Kit Lowering springs for the 2014 Mercedes CLA! Check them out! Weekend Track Car or Race Car: German tuning company KW Suspensions has presented two high quality coilover kits for Mercedes-Benz CLA-class which allow owners to lower their 2014 CLA up to 60mm (2.36 inches). KW offers high performance coilover kits ranging from their Variant 1 to the Variant 3+ for your new CLA. The KW Variant 3+ coilover kit has built-in damper adjustment available for various Mercedes-Benz CLA models including the CLA250. With it's fixed damper setup, the Variant 1 coilover kit optimizes the balance of your CLA for sportiness and everyday practicality at an affordable price. With Variant 3+ coils installed on your car it is possible to adjust the rebound and compression damping independent of each other allowing more fine tuning adjustments to fit your own driving style and performance needs. The compression damping can easily be adjusted with the integrated adjustment wheel located at the bottom of the damper housing. These CLA v3+ coilovers have twelve precise settings, changed by a simple "click".

Stay Tuned To Our Blog! We will be discussing how to extract more power from your 2014 Mercedes CLA in our next post. Performance tuning, power chips, intakes and exhausts systems are all going to be worthy upgrades for the performance minded enthusiast!


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