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Cobb Tuning Releases New Parts For BMW N55 Applications

Posted on 26 November 2013

Cobb Tuning has released a new line of parts for the BMW N55 applications. Take a look below and get yours today!


Cobb Tuning N55 High Flow Filter (BMW 135i/ 135is/ 335) COB 7B1110

COBB High Flow Filters are designed to permit very high flow rates, minimize restriction, maximize filtration and provide a long life filter. Using proprietary woven cotton and metal mesh with a precision molded rubber base, the COBB High Flow Filter ensures that only clean air passes into your engine for maximum efficiency. Why not treat your car to fresh air with a COBB High Flow Filter and let it reward you with increased power and fuel economy!

Cobb Tuning N55 Stage 1 Power Package with V3 (BMW 135i/ 135is/ 335) COB 6B2X31

6B2X31-2T The COBB Stage 1 Power Package for the BMW N55 offers customers COBB's ultimate tuning solution, the Accessport V3, coupled with the High Flow Filter. A great combination to get you started on your path to further modifications!

Cobb Tuning N55 Stage 1+ Power Package with V3 (BMW 135i/ 135is/ 335) COB 6B2X31P

6B2X31P-2TThe COBB Stage 1+ offers customers COBB's Accessport V3, High Flow Filter and COBB FMIC coupled together in one package! This combination acts as a direct replacement modification that dramatically increases cooling and power. Includes everything needed to install and requires no bumper modifications. Cobb Tuning N55 Stage 2 Power Package with V3 (BMW 135i/ 135is/ 335) COB 6B2X32 6B2X32-2TCOBB Stage 2 offers customers COBB's Accessport V3, High Flow Filter and Downpipe. The COBB High Flow Filter and Downpipe are direct replacement modifications that dramatically increase cooling and power. The High Flow Filter maximizes the airflow into your turbo while the Downpipe features a 200 cell high flow catalytic converter and cast merge section that expels the exhaust gas quickly and efficiently.

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