Modern Automotive Performance
Modern Automotive Performance

HoloShift Windshield Head-Up Display | Tachometer, Shift Light, Engine Warning Lights

Posted on 04 November 2013

LightSpeed holoshiftThe HoloShift™ operates in two different modes: street (with optional engine warnings) and drag racing. The display shown to the right is in street mode.

To operate in street mode, set your desired shift RPM using controls on the device. When the engine winds up to 3000 RPM below the desired shift point, yellow LED ceiling lights begin counting up at intervals of 500 RPM. When the red light appears, you are at your shift point. The same display repeats in the next gear, and your eyes never leave the road.

For drag-racing mode, set your launch RPM, again using the controls on the device. Yellow lights below the tach lights will indicate when you are within 200 RPM below or above the launch point, and a steady green light will indicate you are right on it!

Whether on the street or track, the HoloShift™ will optimize your driving performance, while keeping your eyes on the road.

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