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AI Universal Surge Tank Kit | Dual Bosch 044 Enclosed Surge Tank Design

Posted on 24 October 2013

Aftermarket Industries 3.6L Fuel Surge Tank Street Kit

Fuel Surge Tank Twin Bosch 044
Universal Surge Tank For Twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps
Up for sale is the all new Aftermarket Industries Polished 3.6L Dual Port Race Surge Tank Street Kit designed specifically for drift, track and drag applications up to 900hp. Aftermarket Industries surge tanks are made from high grade 3mm 5000 series aluminum and are TIG welded to perfection. The fittings welded to the tanks are precision machined from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and are designed to provide maximum fuel flow to the rest of your fuel system. The billet top insert is multi-directional and allows for 8 points of adjustment so you can run your fuel lines in virtually any direction in relation the position of the surge tank. The surge tank also include specially designed and manufactured e85 fuel safety foam which works as a fuel baffle to eliminate "sloshing" under lateral and longitudinal forces. The fuel foam will also absorb energy in the event of an impact on the track to minimize the risk of rupture. Package includes the following items:
  • 3.6L surge tank (3  x -8AN fittings (can be supplied with -10AN fittings also)
  • Billet twin Bosch 044 bracket set (includes stainless steel fasteners)
  • 2 x Bosch -8AN inlet fittings
  • 2 x -8AN to - 8AN swivel fittings
  • 2 x -8AN Bosch 044 outlet fittings
  • Viton rubber 0-rings included
  • 2 x Aftermarket Industries billet one way check valves
Part# - AI-1036 MSRP - $599.99 Our Sale Price $540 Shipped! *These products are designed for race use only and must be correctly fitted by licensed automotive professionals or workshops. Aftermarket Industries is not liable for personal injury, death or for any damaged whatsoever arising from any accident or incident where these conditions are not satisfied. *These tanks MUST not be pressurized, If you plan to use a high pressure in-tank fuel pump such as a Walbro 255 PLEASE use the -8AN fitting provided in the kit as the return fitting located at the top of the surge tank. This will allow the fuel to return back to your fuel tank or fuel cell at the same rate fuel is fed into the surge tank.

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