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Where can you get plasti dip | Plasti dip it

Posted on 26 August 2013

Where can I find plasti dip | Dip Your Car

Where can you get Plasti Dip?

Truth is many places claim to sell plasti dip. You may even be able to find a local hardware store who carry the products, but good luck finding anyone their knowledgeable about the plasti dip spray itself. If you're looking to dip your car, wheels or trim I suggest doing some research first. Both online and also in person by asking around to see if any of your friends may have experience using plasti dip. Plasti dipping is fairly simple but you'll save yourself time and money by speaking with someone who has done it before you make the standard mistakes, feel free to call us for insight!

Plasti Dip Blaze Colors

What colors of plasti dip are out there?

We carry the entire plasti dip product line and all of their color options. This includes the standard plasti dip colors, all of their blaze color options, plasti dip enhancers and primers, camo colors, as well as their metalizer.

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  • Michael2327: November 10, 2015

    I’m thinking about painting the rims on my car. Although I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford a professional paint job. I’ve heard a lot of people using plastic dip, I’m keeping that in my mind as one of my options. It also sounds like I need to make sure that I find actual plastic dip too. Hopefully a hardware store has the right supply I would need.

  • garybirtles14: November 10, 2015

    I agree that it is a good idea to ask around for information and tips before diving into a project. When doing a project that involves a material that you’ve never really worked with, it can be very beneficial to get some information from someone who has experience. That is what I always like to do before trying it myself. <a href=‘’ ></a>

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