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HKS | Racing Exhaust

Posted on 21 August 2013

HKS Exhaust Systems

Increasing the amount of exhaust flow is the first progressive step to increased engine performance and efficiency. The factory exhaust system represents a restriction in the stock configuration. By designing a system that increases the mass and velocity of exhaust flow, it allows for a reduction in backpressure and thermal stress, thus unleashing the engines' potential for increased power, torque and responsiveness.All HKS exhaust systems are engineered with performance, quality, and value as primary goals. Through countless comprehensive efforts of flow analysis, dyno testing and tuning are we able to maximize horsepower gains throughout a board power band, while maintaining reasonable sound levels for street use. HKS Exhaust Systems that are designated for street use retain all factory emissions equipment. (Note: Some HKS exhaust systems are designated for Off-Road Use Only and are solely to be used for Off-Road purposes)
Advantex®: HKS uses Advantex®  glass fibre packing in most of its newer model applications. Advantex is a continuous strand of fibreglass packing that is less likely to blow out or wear out over time compared to conventional muffler packaging material. Advantex is also part of how HKS makes its distinct exhaust tone. Stainless Wool: The stainless wool insulates the glass wool from extreme heat and also prevents it from breaking apart. The stainless wool also provides excellent durability and sound dampening.
Each HKS Exhaust is vehicle specific. In some applications where multiple systems are offered, each system is even more specifically based on an application's level of tuning. Engine and chassis configurations are individually analyzed to ensure that each application is specifically tailored and not universalized. Each HKS system features high-quality mandrel bent piping, which allows for smooth consistent exhaust flow throughout the entire length of the system. Piping diameter is also crucial to the characteristics of exhaust flow and is specific per application. Because of the consistent pipe diameter in all the bend areas from the mandrel bending process (as opposed to the crimps or kinks from a press-bent process) there is less restriction and turbulence which increases exhaust flow velocity.
Muffler design is also application specific because they each have their own particular flow-characteristics. While most HKS mufflers are of a straight-through design, some applications utilise a chambered muffler design to achieve maximum horsepower and torque gains. Varieties of tip designs are utilized on HKS exhaust systems; please refer to the application chart for each specific system.
HKS exhausts systems are designed for direct bolt on fitment to the stock flanges and come with all the necessary gaskets and hardware to provide simple installation and long term durability. All HKS exhaust systems utilise a micro-fibre mesh sheet wrapping around the internals of the muffler tube to prevent muffler packing from escaping over time, thus increasing the durability of the system.

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    HKS | Racing Exhaust

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