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What is a Clutch Kit | Additional Parts For Clutch Install

Posted on 18 August 2013

ACT Clutch Kit

A "clutch kit" is a combination of replacement manual transmission parts that are packaged as a "complete kit". When bought together, a performance clutch kit will all most always consist of a performance pressure plate, a clutch disc, and a release / throw out bearing. Many clutch ktis will also come with an alignment tool of some kind. In general aftermarket performance clutch kits are designed to fit the same way as your oem clutch but be careful as certain cars will require the use of an aftermarket flywheel in order to be installed.

ACT Clutch Disc

The purpose of an aftermarket clutch kit is to provide all the parts needed to upgrade the clutch on a manual transmission vehicle to hold more power. Your clutch discs are considered wear items. These disc's will eventually wear down and need to be replaced, regardless of the power the car is making or how nice you've been to it. While the throw out bearing and pressure plate also wear down, they may not wear out at the same speed. We still strongly advise replacing these parts while you already have the transmission out, the labor spent removing and installing the transmission is very costly so it's better to be safe than sorry.

Upgraded Clutch Line

In addition to the included replacement parts in a performance clutch kit, we suggest upgrading a couple of other parts at the same time. The OEM flywheel can (sometimes) be removed and machined as part of a "clutch job" but installing a new performance flywheel such as an ACT Streetlite or Competition Clutch Aluminum Flywheel will be beneficial for most of you. Also in certain circumstances, you can not turn the oem flywheel, especially if it is cracked or missing teeth from the ring gear or otherwise unserviceable. In these cases it's simply more economical to replace it with an upgraded performance flywheel. Additional upgrades such as a stainless steel clutch line and performance fluids are all you'll need to get your new performance clutch installed and capable of holding the additional power your modified car is making!

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