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DiabloSport: 2014 GM 1500 5.3 L

Posted on 31 July 2013

Diablosport InTune On Sale At

This Diablosport programmer improves the 2014 GM Truck performance and economy; Increases power up to 15hp and 20ft lbs of torque can be seen across the entire RPM range with the Diablosport inTune set to the the "Diablo tune", which should be used with 91 octane or higher. Diablosport includes 2 tunes, an 87 octane tune, the MPG Booster Tune, and the Diablo tune.

Diablosport tunes are uniquely calibrated to improve performance, drivability, economy and also reduce the OEM programmed "torque management" which allows you to put more power to the ground when ever you want.

Other options include TCM (Transmission Control Module) control to adjust automatic shift characteristics, DOD (Active Fuel Management) disable, speedometer adjustment for gear and tire changes, and raising speed and rev limiters.

Part #:I-1000 - inTune

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    DiabloSport: 2014 GM 1500 5.3 L

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