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GSC Power Division Press Release – New R2 Profile Camshafts for the Evo 9 MIVEC Head!

Posted on 12 February 2013

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After a very lengthy backorder on blanks we are finally making way into the Evo 9 cams. A slight change to our blank has allowed us to increase the lift and offer a new profile to better serve the stroked engines that are so commonly used with the 4G63 Mivec head.  We worked with English Racing on this profile to offer the 2.2-2.4  lower reving engines with mivec control a profile that would allow for more air volume in the cylinder to help fill the larger displacement engines and make more midrange and top end power. The 6009R2 is a high lift very aggressive profile with a short overall duration to keep a lower usable rpm band. The 6009R2 is designed to rev between 4000-8500 rpms and should be used with a stroked engine or added displacement engine. The peak lift of 12.1mm intake and 11.9mm exhaust will require upgraded valve springs and a titanium retainer with special attention to seal to retainer clearance. With the lift of this profile it is suggested to only use the 5041/5040 Ti retainer and spring kits do to valve seal to retainer clearance. The 5041 can be used to 40+psi and the 5040 to 32psi on the R2 profile at 8500rpms without float or flutter issues.  The profile will work fine on the OEM Rocker Arm and the Zero-tick lifter or with the OEM lifter.  We have seen gains of 25-30whp over the S2 profile on the stroked applications with much more possible when used with a ported head and aftermarket intake manifold.

We are running a batch of these after we finish with our Evo 9 S2 Backorders and should be able to ship as early as Wednesday of next week. We are also planning to release an Evo 8 version of this profile but do to present stock and lead time on that new blank we won’t see it till April.

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