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New From Greddy: Multi D/A Gauges!

Posted on 03 July 2012

New From Greddy: Multi D/A Gauges!

Available June 29th, 2012

GReddy Performance Products has just announced the release of their Multi D/A Gauges.

The GReddy Multi D/A Gauge is a 62mm (2.44") hybrid digital-analog gauge that allows users to view 7 different readings including (Boost, Oil Press, Fuel Press, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Voltage and EGT,) and monitor in its integrated EL digital display. Select from Turbo or Oil Pressure analog dials, with various sensors and options to suit any enthusiast. The included wireless remote controls all functions, including selection of viewed sensors, 7 color LED backlighting, Peak-Hold and Warning features. The advance design eliminates the needs for multiple gauges, while making it all simpler to install and view.

Multi D/A Gauge Set PN: 16001710 Description:Turbo (Boost) Dial MSRP:$595

Multi D/A Gauge Set PN: 16001711 Description:Oil Pressure Dial MSRP:$545

Multi D/A Gauge PN: 16001700 Description:Turbo (Boost) Dial MSRP:$430

Multi D/A Gauge PN: 16001701 Description:Oil Pressure Dial MSRP:$445

Boost Sensor Set PN: 16401920 Description:Optional Boost Press Set MSRP:$80

Pressure Sensor Set PN: 16401921 Description:Optional Oil or Fuel Press Set MSRP:$125

Tempature Sensor Set PN: 16401922 Description:Optional Water or Oil Temp Set MSRP:$50

EGT Sensor Set PN: 16401923 Description:Optional Exhaust Gas Temp Set MSRP:$110

Boost Sensor PN: 16401900 Description:Replacement Boost Press Sensor MSRP:$65

Pressure Sensor PN: 16401901 Description:Replacement Oil or Fuel Press Sensor MSRP:$110

Tempature Sensor PN: 16401902 Description:Replacement Water or Oil Temp Sensor MSRP:$35

EGT Sensor PN: 16401903 Description:Replacement Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor MSRP:$95

Boost Sensor Harness PN: 16401910 Description:Replacement Boost Press Sensor Harness MSRP:$25

Pressure Sensor Harness PN: 16401911 Description:Replacement Oil or Fuel Press Sensor-Harness MSRP:$25

Temparture Sensor Harness PN: 16401912 Description:Replacement Water or Oil Temp Sensor Harness MSRP:$25

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