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DBA Releases the new T Slot Design Rotors!

Posted on 14 May 2012

The new T Slot rotors are offered in both T2 and T3 Designs and offer the following design benefits:

T2 Slot Design

• Patented ‘Kangaroo Paw’ ventilation design* provides greater heat dissipation • Bi-Symmetrical T2 curve slots dampen the vibration harmonics or noise, resulting in a quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel • T2 slot design provides even pad wear and assists in minimizing glazing of pad surfaces • Non-directional slot design eliminates the need for left and right discs • Paint protection on non-friction areas enhances appearance

T3 Slot Design Offers the additional benefits over the T2 Slot Design

• XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron increases the thermal capacity properties of the rotor over the T2 material • Tri-Symmetrical T3 Slot design dampens the vibration harmonics resulting in a quieter, responsive and a further improvement of brake pedal feel when compared to the T2 slot design. The T3 slots also provide rapid brake recovery after exiting water crossings. • TSP (Thermal Stability Profiling) prolongs the service life of the rotor. This process is only applied to HEAVY DUTY, T3 4X4 and CLUBSPEC rotors containing XG-150 high carbon alloyed iron.

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