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TI Automotive New Release E85 High Performance In Tank Fuel Pump

Posted on 12 April 2012

As many of you may have heard there was rumor of TI Automotive releasing an E85 compatible version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump many people know as the 400LPH pump (P/N: F90000262), well the rumor was true and an E85 Version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump is in the works for a Spring release (P/N: F90000267). This new pump will be fully E85 compatible in comparison to the F90000262 that was NOT. In overall appearance the pump dimensions are the same, for this unit to be used in E85 all electrical connections must be sealed, there for this new unit will have a build in electrical harness with a female Packard connector. We will also be releasing the male Packard connector with flying leads so there will be no chance of a reverse wiring error while keeping the connection sealed.

Attached is a copy of the flow curve for this new unit, as you can see the flow results prove this pump can handle the job. The conservative horsepower rating of this pump is that this pump can support 800 HP on 12 volts and up to 950 HP on 13.5 volts!!!!!!!


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