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New High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Solutions - A Side By Side Comparisons From MAPerformance

Posted on 27 January 2012

With big changes happening each and every day in the aftermarket world its no wonder how people have more difficulty keeping up to date on performance industry news than any number of hit reality show, such as but not limited to - The Bachelor, American Idol, Jersey Shore, New Girl etc.  (PS: I am not a reality TV junkie but the women in my life all are!)

Recently we have noticed more and more customer asking why we no longer recommend a Walbro in tank 255lph fuel pump, and the reason is pretty simply - BETTER SOLUTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!  Explaining why one pump is superior to another can be quiet challenging but I figured if we list out the options and show pros vs cons maybe it will better illustrate this trend that many performance shops, tuners, and builders already understand.

Walbro 255LPH VS DeatschWerks DW200

DW200 Pros:

  • *Outflows the Walbro 255
  • *Ultra-quiet Turbine Impeller Technology - incredibly less noise compared to the Walbro
  • *3 Year No-Fault Warranty

DW200 Cons:

  • Honestly I can not think of any, the price point for the DW200 is in line with the old walbro 255's (when including an install kit) - Your simply getting a "BETTER" pump for the same money. Oh, and you receive a pretty amazing warranty!

Walbro 255LPH VS DeatschWerks DW300

DW300 Pros:

  • *Flows 320lph (illustrated below)
  • *Ethanol Compatible
  • *Ultra-quiet Turbine Impeller Technology
  • *3 Year No-Fault Warranty

DW300 Cons:

  • *Priced at $169 this pump DOES cost more than the old Walbro 255's - however if you break down this price into a more practical figure, lets say liters flowed per dollar spent you'll notice the DW300 is your more cost effective way to move your fuel :)
  • Walbro 255LPH VS Walbro's NEW 400LPH

    Walbro 400LPH Pros:

    • *Outflows all other In Tank Fuel Pumps on the market - Designed for cars over 500whp
    • *High-pressure, high-flow performance (illustrated below)
    • *Award-winning OE technology

    Walbro 400LPH Cons:

    • *Different Form Factor - although we have magical ways of making this pump fit nearly any application the different exterior dimensions should prevent this from being labeled as a "drop in" fuel pump and we HAVE to chalk that up as a Con.
    • *Price Point - Well if your going to develop the biggest and the best products you deserve to charge a premium, the new 400lph pump DOES outflow the competition but it also cost a bit more than any of the other pumps we have discussed.  At $180+ your still beating the DW300 as for cost per liter flowed though with the Walbro you are not getting the DW warranty, just something else to keep in mind.

    Walbro 255LPH VS DeatschWerks Compact DW65C

    DW65C Pros:

    • *Flows 265 litres per hour
    • *Compact 65mm body for OE fitment - Modifications would be needed to run any other fuel pump in select applications
    • *Ultra-quiet Turbine Impeller Technology - incredibly less noise compared to the Walbro
    • *3 Year No-Fault Warranty

    DW200 Cons:

    • Honestly I can not think of any, at this point this is the only pump that can be dropped into replace the OEM units in multiple new vehicles. (Check application list below)
    • Leave your thoughts and comments below, tell me what pumps you have run and how you feel these new pumps have changed the industry!

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