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Modern Automotive Performance

Clutch Masters Press Release – MazdaSpeed FX Single Disc Clutch

Posted on 10 January 2012


Clutch Masters Offers their brand new performance clutch and flywheel kits for the Mazda Speed 3 & 6, featuring a lightweight billet aluminum flywheel, custom heavy duty non self adjusting cover assembly, and five different friction disc configurations to satisfy any performance level! The FX series is designed to handle high torque outputs with minimal compromise to drivability. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on their pressure plates, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power while maintaining a stock pedal feel.

Stage Part # Torque MSRP
FX100 cm10-306-HD00-AL 387 $1100.00
FX200 cm10-306-HDKV-AL 464 $1275.00
FX300 cm10-306-HDTZ-AL 570 $1275.00
FX400 cm10-306-HDCB4-AL 737 $1275.00
FX500 cm03-635-HDB4-AL 737 $1100.00

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