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Newly released from Agency Power is this Downpipe with AP Axle back and Midpipe for the 2011 BMW 135i with video to boot!!!

Posted on 05 July 2011

Agency Power has been working with the new models from BMW for a while.  Since 2008, we have been producing innovative and better performing products for the then released 135i and 335i.  From our catless downpipes, exhausts, charge pipes, blow off valves, midpipes, intercoolers, to carbon fiber aero pieces, there’s always something in the works.  The latest coming release from Agency Power is the 2011 BMW 135i downpipe for the newly released N55 single turbo motor. This test vehicle already had our Agency Power Titanium Tip Muffler, then we installed and dyno tested the NEW downpipe.  After we got 25+ wheel horsepower on our Mustang Dyno, we then road tested the car and are happy to say it performs beautifully, and you can carry on easy conversation in the cabin just the same.  Dyno results from the downpipe were 25+ whp and 12+ lb/ft tq at peak.  In the mid range where it really is noticeable, we saw gains in whp of over 35 and torque of 30 lb/ft. We then added a Burger Motorsports JB3 Piggy back tuner released for the new N55 motor to optimize the car for the additional flow.  We ran the car once again on our Mustang dyno in 114 degree heat with 91 octane(that’s what we get in Arizona unfortunately) and saw further increases all along the curve.  Adding the tuner picked up around another 20 wheel horsepower and 50 lb/ft torque within the power curve.  This gave us a grand total increase of 45 wheel horsepower and 60 lb/ft of torque within the power curve.  We did not have a chance to re dyno after adding our Agency Power Midpipe but in previous testing, the midpipe is good for another 10-20 wheel horsepower. Here are the install photos and video(smoke from tailpipes is burnoff from the freshly welded midpipe):  
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