Modern Automotive Performance
Modern Automotive Performance

Newly released Vibrant Syncronic Diverter Valve Kits! So easy to install anyone could do it!

Posted on 06 June 2011

  Vibrant Week begins today and ends on Friday, June 10, 2011. Call Your Sales Rep For Specials! Vibrant Syncronic Diverter Valve Kits will work with all standard BOV adapters, allowing easy installation Features: * Compact Diverter/Blow-Off Valve * No Diaphragm * Interchangeable with all Adapter Flanges * Install as Pull or Push Type Valve * Pressure tested to hold 60psi of boost * Incredibly fast actuation * Does not require frequent lubrication  

For more info on this item and more click here!

Please contact us for unbeatable pricing! Keep in mind we will match or beat any competitors pricing on so called "package deals"!


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