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New AEM Products - Water/Meth Injection Monitor with Metric fittings, 06-08 Honda S2000 Series 2 EMS, 12 Position Trim Pot & 1/8" Temp Sensor Kit

Posted on 21 March 2011

NEW!!!  30-3020M Water/Methanol Injection Monitor with Metric fittings

Water/Methanol injection users now have the sophisticated safety system they've always needed in an easy to use package. Unlike most competitor systems that only check flow at a single point, AEM's Injection Monitor is a smart system that actively monitors the entire flow curve. Flow versus injection rate data is continuously collected and any deviation away from an acceptable baseline flow curve will trigger an alarm output. This output can be used to reduce boost, pull timing, switch maps, or any other function to protect an engine from harmful detonation in the event there is an unsafe operating condition.

The AEM Injection Monitor features a wide variety of innovative features including PC configuration software with USB connectivity, an "Auto Set" feature that automatically provides a best-suggested baseline configuration, a high-tech analog display gauge with user adjustable backlighting that can be flashed when an alarm is triggered, and an internal data logger that records injection and alarm status data. This metric version of the Injection Monitor works with virtually every water/methanol injection system that uses 4mm"OD tubing!

Order yours today for only $263.83 Shipped

NEW!!!  30-6053 2006-2008 HONDA S2000 DRIVE-BY-WIRE SERIES 2 PLUG & PLAY EMS

AEM's Series 2 EMS is a complete engine control system that plugs into the factory harness and uses the factory sensors. This means you do not need to replace any parts of the harness or sensors, just plug the EMS into the harness and begin tuning! The Series 2 EMS for the S2K is a parallel system that works in conjunction with the factory ECI and allows you to control every aspect of your F22 from VTEC to rev limit, timing, bigger injectors, boost control, nitrous injection and individual cylinder fuel and timing trims. For drag racers there's even anti-lag! Professional tuners will appreciate the ease of use and security features on AEM Tuner the interface software for all Series 2 EMS systems.

Part #30-6053 Description: Series 2 Plug & Play Engine Management System Application: 2006-2008 Honda S2000 Drive-By-Wire


The Universal 12 Position Trim Pot is for use on virutally any Engine Management System. It can be used in conjunction with AEM's Programmable Engine Management Systems to adjust a number of trims, including ignition timing, fuel, boost, etc.

The Universal 12 Position Trim Pot includes: 12 Position Trim Pot with Flying Lead, 2 Brushed Silver Trim Position Decals with ranges from -5 to +6 and 0 to +11, Blue/Red/Black AEM Logo Knob Decals & Blue/Red/Black Colored Knob Decals.

AEM 12 Position Trim Pot All AEM 12 Position Trim Pots include a flying lead with a weatherproof overmold and 12 inch insulated wires that are color coded in black, white and red.
NEW!!!  30-2012 1/8"-PTF WATER/COOLANT/OIL TEMPERATURE SENSOR KIT AEM now offers a 1/8"-PTF Water/Coolant/Oil temperature sensor kit. Includes 1/8"-PTF brass sensor, plug, pins & pin lock. Contact Modern Automotive Performance for the deal on any AEM Performance Electronics Products!

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