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Deatschwerks DW300 Fuel Pumps In-Stock - Same Day Shipping From MAPerformance

Posted on 14 February 2011

Whether or not you know it yet, this pump is exactly what your car needs and MAPerformance has them in-stock!

The main complaints we hear about the current products on the market are listed below -

1.) Limited Power One drop in pump flowing 255lph seems to be a major issue for those of us looking to build a 600whp daily driver. In the past we were forced into more costly setups, like double pumpers or external pump setups. The DW300 drops in easily to directly replace either an OEM pump or a Walbro 255 and allowed us to make nearly an additional 100whp over the Walbro in our test car.

2.) E85 Compatibility / Overall Reliability The DW300 is 100% E85 compatible. SAE guidelines for long term fuel pump testing are 4K hours. DW has been doing long term testing since the beginning of the year. Over 3.5K hours of testing on 100% ethanol with no failures. Long term testing will keep going passed 4K hours until failure.

3.) Noise If you have owned a car with an after market fuel pump you know the noise we all come to dread. Its not to loud but man is it annoying. Turbine pumps (DW300) are generally quieter than G-rotor pumps(Walbro). The DW300 is audibly quieter but some decibel testing will be done to quantify the difference, for now all I can say is the audible noise while in the car is completely gone. Our test car is not the quietest car on the roads but the pump noise was drastically reduced both inside and outside the car.

Technical data: Additional tech info - Pressure release valve is set to open at 100 psi Amp draw is 10-14 amps depending on voltage and pressure

We have filled all pre-orders and still have a few left over on the shelf waiting to ship out the same day your order is placed. Click here to place your order today!

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