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R35 GTR New Products - Brian Crower I-Beam Rods, TMS H11 Head & Main Stud Kits

Posted on 20 January 2011

BC offers an I-Beam style connecting rod for those who prefer that traditional design over the H Beam style. The I-Beam is a proven configuration that is very popular among the big horsepower crowd. Features ARP2000 bolts for the more economically minded or ARP625+ Custom Age bolts as standard option for the ultimate connecting rod. Made from Aerospace grade 4340 steel material, BC rods are CNC machined on state-of-the-art 5 axis machining centers.

Brian Crower VR38DETT I-Beam Connecting Rods With ARP Custom Age 625 BC6248 -$1193.99

Brian Crower VR38DETT I-Beam Connecting Rods With ARP2000 BC6249 - $887.99

MAPerformance is proud to announce the all new TMS H11 Head Stud and Main Stud Kit for the GTR R35. The H11 stock dimension head studs have approximately 35% higher clamp load and the main studs have approximately 50% higher clamp load rating than the OEM studs for the GTR. Made from H11 material, a premium steel that is processed to deliver superior strength and fatigue properties. These head and main stud kits are essential for those looking to push their VQ38DETT to the limit, as the stock offerings are unable to handle the rigorous pressures produced by higher performing engines.

TMS GTR H11 Head Stud Kit VR38DETT R35 - $649 Shipped

TMS GTR H11 Main Stud Kit VR38DETT R35 - $599 Shipped

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