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New MAZDASPEED3/6 AccessPORT Updates Released - Order Any Accessport And Recieve Free Overnight Shipping From Maperformance!

Posted on 16 December 2010

COBB Tuning has just released a finalized firmware update implementing the previous BETA update for MAZDASPEED 3/6. This finalized firmware update,, integrates all of the BETA features into the official AP-MAZ-002 AccessPORT firmware including new v1.08 maps which implement the newest data monitors including the new boost monitor that is able to log over 24psi. This latest release incorporates all features from Beta Release

New AccessPORT Features and Updates:

  • Installed Stock Mode Maps
    • Installed Stock Mode maps have been removed from the firmware to reduce end user confusion (uninstalled AccessPORT vs. using a installed stock mode map).
      • All Affected Vehicles:
        • USDM 2006/2007 MAZDASPEED6 (Fed. or Cali.)
        • USDM 2007/2008 MAZDASPEED3 (Fed. or Cali.)
        • USDM 2009 MAZDASPEED3 (Fed. or Cali.)
  • Increased Boost Pressure Logging Limit
    • Increased limit to log boost pressure above 24 PSI.
    • Note: Requires map to be re-saved with current released version of tuner then flashed onto ECU.
  • Uninstall AccessPORT option moved back to main menu
    • Moved uninstall AccessPORT option back to main menu to reduce end user confusion.
  • Improved display precision of various monitors
    • STFT – Added another decimal place for display precision.
    • LTFT – Added another decimal place for display precision.
    • MAF Voltage – Added another decimal place for display precision.
    • Calculated Load – Reworked monitor display value to comply with tuner. (units display as Load value instead of %)
  • “Expose ECU data” Feature Added to AccessPORT Menu
    • Feature enables users to backup their stock rom using AP Manager.
      • 1. Use Save Rom feature during install.
      • 2. Press “ok” to “Expose ECU data”.
      • 3. Rom is listed in AP file menu when you connect AP to AP Manager 2.0.
    • Note: Rom file is encrypted.
  • Added AP Demo Mode to Settings Menu
    • Demo mode enables users to setup the AP in a state which allows tasks to be viewed.
    • Note: If Demo mode is left idle for 1 minute the Cobb Race Car screen saver turns on.

  • Added new maps to support increased boost pressure logging
    • v106 maps for 06-07 MAZDASPEED6
      • Anti-Theft Mode v106.ptm
      • Economy Mode 91 v106.ptm
      • Stage1 91 v106.ptm
      • Stage1 93 v106.ptm
      • Stage1+SF 91 v106.ptm
      • Stage1+SF 93 v106.ptm
      • Valet Mode v106.ptm
      • Stage2 91 v106.ptm
      • Stage2 93 v106.ptm
      • Stage2+SF 91 v106.ptm
      • Stage2+SF 93 v106.ptm
    • v108 maps for 07-09 MAZDASPEED3
      • Anti-Theft Mode v108.ptm
      • Economy Mode 91 v108.ptm
      • Stage1 91 v108.ptm
      • Stage1 93 v108.ptm
      • Stage1+SF 91 v108 FMIC.ptm
      • Stage1+SF 91 v108.ptm
      • Stage1+SF 93 v108 FMIC.ptm
      • Stage1+SF 93 v108.ptm
      • Valet Mode v108.ptm
      • Stage2 91 v108.ptm
      • Stage2 93 v108.ptm
      • Stage2+SF 91 v108 FMIC.ptm
      • Stage2+SF 91 v108.ptm
      • Stage2+SF 93 v108 +TMIC.ptm
      • Stage2+SF 93 v108 FMIC.ptm
      • Stage2+SF 93 v108.ptm

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