Modern Automotive Performance
Modern Automotive Performance

New JE Asymmetrical Piston Design Available For SRT4 / 4G63 / 2JZ and More!

Posted on 15 December 2010

Piston side loads increase with boost pressure, longer stroke crankshafts and even aftermarket camshafts! JE Pistons new asymmetrical forging design maintains a larger skirt area on the heavily stressed major thrust side, while reducing friction with a smaller skirt area on the minor thrust side. The result is a high strength, lightweight piston that significantly reduces friction in your engine!

Applications include; 92-99 MBW M3, Dodge 420A/SRT-4, Honda F20C1, Toyota 2JZGTE, Mitsubishi 4G63T, and more. Call us today 763.545.3800 for specific applications and prices!

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