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MAZDASPEED3/6 AccessPORT and AccessTUNER Updates Now Available!

Posted on 01 December 2010

COBB Tuning has just released significant updates to the AccessPORT firmware and AccessTUNER software for the first gen MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6. AccessPORT enhancements include improved usability with four higher precision data monitors, a simplified menu system  and support for higher boost pressure data logging. AccessTUNER software improvements include a large selection of new tables, two important bug fixes and the addition of software auto-updating to simplify future software upgrades. These new additions continue to expand AccessPORT control of the ECU, letting users dig deeper into the OEM logic to extract even more power from the MAZDASPEED3/6, with unmatched simplicity, functionality, convenience and control!

AccessPORT Firmware The latest firmware update (version is currently beta. The full release of this firmware will include map support for included Off The Shelf Maps and will be available soon. The changes in this beta firmware version include:

  • Boost pressure data logging limit has been increased to log pressures above 24PSI. Existing maps must be opened in the latest version of AccessTUNER, resaved and flashed back to the ECU to implement new feature.
  • Precision of the following monitors has been increased by another decimal place:
    • STFT (Short Term Fuel Trim)
    • LTFT (Long Term Fuel Trim)
    • MAF Voltage
  • Calculated Load data monitor display has been reworked to reflect the display shown in AccessTUNER (units displayed as Load Value instead of %)
  • Expose ECU Data feature allows the stock ROM to be backed up to a PC using AP Manager
  • Uninstall AccessPORT menu option moved back to the top menu level
  • Installed Stock Mode maps removed from firmware to reduce end user confusion regarding Uninstall vs. Installed Stock Mode
  • Demo Mode added to Settings Menu to enable AP navigation of all menus when powered up while not connected to ECU

AccessTUNER Software The latest AccessTUNER software update (version has significant enhancements that not only give unprecedented control of the stock ECU, but also make it more convenient to update!

  • Auto Updater allows software updating through the "Help/Updates" menu, eliminating the need to submit additional ATR request forms, waiting for the software to be generated and downloading the new software. Rollback functionality is also included to step back to the previous release
  • AccessPORT Manager 2.0 Installer is included in this release of the software.
  • Six HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) Control Tables have been added
  • HPFP Desired Pressure – Max A
    • HPFP Desired Pressure – Max B
    • HPFP Desired Pressure A
    • HPFP Desired Pressure B
    • HPFP Desired Pressure C
    • HPFP Desired Pressure ECT Comp
  • Eleven new Knock Tables have been added
    • Knock Retard – Decay Magnitude A
    • Knock Retard – Decay Magnitude B
    • Knock Retard – Decay Rate A
    • Knock Retard – Decay Rate B
    • Knock Retard – Multiplier
    • Knock Retard – Offset
    • Knock Retard Active – Min ECT
    • Knock Retard Active – Min Load A
    • Knock Retard Active – Min Load B
    • Knock Retard Active – RPM (Max)
    • Knock Retard Active – RPM (Min)
  • Two new Radiator Fan Tables have been added
    • Radiator Fan – ECT Thresholds
    • Radiator Fan – Voltage Compensation
  • Nine new MAP Sensor Scaling Tables have been added
    • MAP Scalar for EM – Component A
    • MAP Scalar for EM – Component B
    • MAP Scalar for EM – Offset
    • MAP Scalar for Log – Component A
    • MAP Scalar for Log – Component B
    • MAP Scalar for Log – Offset
    • MAP Scalar for OBD – Component A
    • MAP Scalar for OBD – Component B
    • MAP Scalar for OBD – Offset
  • Five new Ignition Compensation Tables have been added
    • Ign BAT vs ECT Comp. – % Used
    • Ign BAT vs ECT Comp. A
    • Ign BAT vs ECT Comp. B
    • Ign Low Octane Reduction
    • Ign Per Cylinder Comp.
  • Boost Pressure Logging Limit has been increased to log boost pressure above 24PSI
  • MIL Defeat implementation has been fixed
  • Live Tracing has been fixed

Acquiring Updates To get the latest AccessPORT firmware update, simply plug your AccessPORT into your computer via the USB cable, open AP Manager 2.0, click on the Options icon in the top icon bar and make sure that Check For Beta Firmware is checked in the Updates section. Then click on the Updates button in the top icon bar and click the Begin Firmware Update button. If you do not yet have AP Manager 2.0, follow this link to download for your operating system.

To get the latest AccessTUNER Race software update, please fill out  the AccessTUNER Race Request Form page. With the new Auto Update feature, this should be the last time you will need to fill out this request form. You will receive an email that contains your software download link within 24 hours. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders if you do not see the email in your inbox.

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