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Posted on 22 October 2010

We'll start with some honda love ;) This customer originally came to us for engine assembly. We spec'd out, and assembled a beautiful longblock for him, and he decided he wanted a turbo kit to match! - V-band schedule 10 ramhorn manifold - PTE 46mm external gate - 3" pie-cut stainless downpipe - Stainless dump tube

This next manifold was built for an Evo that we had originally set our stock evo ecu horsepower record with. The setup on this car, mated up to one of our 2.4L's yielded us 814hp, and 622hp at 41psi :) - Custom top-mount schedule 10 T3 manifold - Twin Tial MVS wastegates (a second one was added after the pictures were taken) - Stainless 3" downpipe - PTE 6765 turbo

I wish I had taken more pictures of this car, but unfortunately these are the only ones I managed to grab :( I was a bit skeptical at first about how a 3.5" aluminum exhaust would sound on an SRT-4, but surprisingly when we fired this car up it sounded amazing! The aluminum gave it a nice, deeper than normal tone. The exhaust features twin vibrant aluminum mufflers to keep the noise down a bit, about 1.5 feet of stainless 3" downpipe off of the turbo, and a whooooole lot of aluminum tube. When all was said and done, we shaved off close to 40 pounds with the new aluminum exhaust! - 3.5" 14 gauge aluminum piping - V-band connections

This downpipe is probably one of the more interesting looking ones that I've made in the past. This customer came to us looking to replace the 2.5" POS he had on his turbo miata with a custom 3" piece. We grabbed an un-divided flanged for his t-28 powered beast and went to work

Some manifold collectors:


Perfect fit!

Lastly, I'll give you guys a peek at our new Evo X OEM replacement manifold. Chopped, welded, and ported all in house :)

I hope you guys enjoy the eye candy! I'll be back posting up more pics and updating our blog as new stuff rolls in, and as cool stuff rolls out!

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