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MAPerformance pushes the envelope on it's headwork.

Posted on 05 August 2010

Here at MAPerformance we are always trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology.  One way that we are capable of doing this is on the seats of our cylinder heads.  An element commonly overlooked, the seat material can have a dramatic impact on cylinder head performance.  Stock seats are normally powdered metal and have a high surface life, but with nominal heat dissipation.  Aftermarket seats offer improved heat dissipation and better sealing.  Examples could be various proprietary alloys.  One in particular is copper beryllium.  This has long been a favorite upgrade for seat material due to it's long service life and exceptional heat dissipation capabilities. We work with this material on a somewhat frequent basis, and have a current Mitsubishi Evolution cylinder head in house that we are working with the material on.  It's available for most platforms due to it's high cost it is not a typical upgrade for everybody.  However, it is available for those demanding the most from their cylinder head.  Combined with our already proven porting solutions and our custom serdi cutters we will be sure to provide this service for those not willing to settle for anything, but the very best. For questions on this work, or our other porting and ceramic solutions please contact us by one of the channels below.

MAPerformance 9905 13th Ave N. Plymouth, MN  55441 (763) 545-3800

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