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Subaru Head Work done by MAPerformance

Posted on 20 May 2010

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I thought you guys might like to see a little project that we have been working on. Some of the work we do to the Subaru platform isn't that well know yet, so we wanted to show you some of the stuff we are working on, and some of our capabilities. This project is very cool in nature, even for those that don't fall head over heals for the subie platform. This car will eventually be setup for a circuit car overseas, and is an MY05 STi, that will have a built and sleeved 2.8L block (from 2.5), running a GT40R turbo with all the supporting goodies one should have. Because of the nature of the build, and how the customer didn't want anything less than the best performance from their heads, they contacted us for a little porting and advanced ceramics. The heads used were S20V's which are JDM "V7 Big Port" headsa, which are a great starting point for the work. These heads received the MAP Stage 4 cylinder head work with our ceramics option, and were upgraded with +1mm valves from Rev Valves (one of my favorites). The original heads were from a 2.0, and we are putting them on a 2.8, so there was some attention that was needed to the heads to ensure they matched. Stock bore was 92mm, and we are going out to 99.5 on these. I really am a fan of the end results. I couldn't ask for a much better 4 valve combustion chamber, in terms of the deshrouding.

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