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MAPerformance breaks the stock ECU horsepower record!!!

Posted on 16 March 2010

Click here to check out the Dyno video

Build Summary The license plate on this Evo says it all, Evil AWD. We had two goals for this build and as far as I can tell we were successful in both regards. The first goal was to fulfill our customer's request which was to take his daily driver and make it into a monster that he could still drive on a daily basis. Thanks to Kasey's time and effort in regards to tuning combined with the proper components we have accomplished just that. Our second goal was to utilize this opportunity (we rarely see builds like this in Minnesota, even though they seem to be so prevalent in other parts of the country) and break some records. Drag racing in February just isn't possible here in Minnesota, so for now dyno numbers will have to suffice New Stock ECU Horsepower Record as of February 5th, 2010 As far as we can tell 814whp beats the previous stock ECU horsepower record by over 40whp! As you can see below we were also able to reach 806whp at just 38psi, which leads us to believe that there is room to grow Look for updates in the near future as we get to spend more and more time in our dyno room with this monster! Modifications MAP 2.3L Shortblock
  • MAP Spec 10:1 Wiseco Pistons
  • MAP Ultimate Duty Connecting Rods
MAP Stage 4 Cylinder Head Preparation
  • Kiggly Racing Beehive Valve Springs / Retainers
  • Kelford 272 Camshafts
MAP Custom Top Mount T3 Manifold / Downpipe PTE Billet 6765 Ball Bearing Turbocharger MAP Custom Intercooler Piping Perrin Intercooler Core Modified for 3" Outlet 3.5" GM MAS / MAF Translator Mil.Spec 65mm Throttle Body MAP Rev3 Intake Manifold Sparktech Non-CDI Coil on Plug Full Blown Triple Pumper Fuel Injector Clinic BlueMax 2150cc Injectors Fuel Injector Clinic BlueMax 2150cc Injectors We just can't say enough about these fuel injectors as they have quite honestly changed the game in regards to power output and driveability. Clearly, they are able to support well over 800whp on E85. The part that you can't see from these dyno charts is the driveability. Here in Minnesota we frequently dip below zero degrees and rarely get above freezing in January / February. With that said, this car starts like a dream! Part throttle and cruise characteristics are similar to what was once only achievable with injectors smaller than 1000cc. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to fuel injectors for the Evo platform! Special Thanks We would like to take a moment and thank all of the stock ECU gurus for their time and effort, without their innovation and ambition none of this would be possible! We would also like to thank JestrTuning and JohnBradley for their collaboration efforts during this project! Dyno Charts Please note that we have included both STD and SAE correction to keep everyone happy Yes it is cold outside up here in Minnesota, but our dyno room draws air from our 65 degree workshop. Either way, the correction factor takes temperature into consideration.

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