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Modern Automotive Performance

Product Release: MAP Ultimate Duty H11 Head Studs for Evo 8 & 9

Posted on 15 December 2009

Consider these an insurance policy for your head gasket...

If you're looking to make big power (proven over 1000+whp) but don't like the idea of lifting your cylinder head and replacing head gaskets frequently these are exactly what you need! These studs utilize an H11 material that is much stronger than the typical 8740 chromoly and yields a tensile strength of 260,000 psi. They are also provisioned with a hex broach on the top of the stud enabling you to install them with the cylinder head on the car if necessary.

What is so different about these head studs?

At first glance these may appear to be similar to the other ARP and A1 Technologies head studs available on the market, but that is simply not the case. The MAP Ultimate Duty Head Studs include an additional feature known as a "dog tooth" (shown below) that seats the stud in the block and preloads the fastener for an accurate and repeatable torque sequence.

Important Note: This material is easily contaminated and subject to stress corrosion. It must be kept well oiled and cannot be exposed to moisture.

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