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Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc BlueMAX Injectors

Posted on 25 November 2009

The newest addition to our product line is the largest high impedance injector ever – by a long shot – and will work for most of the guys running E85 or other high volume fuel. (DO NOT USE WITH "Q" or OTHER OXYGENATED FUELS.) Not only is it BIG, it provides a near perfect idle! While this injector is not inexpensive, it provides single injector solutions when twin rails would otherwise be needed and there are additional savings in DYNO/TUNING costs due to its easy tunability. The very linear performance of this injector, based on Bosch’s latest technology, makes tuning a breeze. This is the ultimate solution for all cars that come with high impedance injectors. These injectors do not require a resistor pack or peak & hold drivers. Includes pigtail adapters where needed, plug-n-play adapters available where necessary. Purchase a set for your Evo, Evo X, WRX, SRT-4 or GT-R today!

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