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Modern Automotive Performance

Adam's E85 WRX Makes Crazy Power

Posted on 01 October 2009

Being a big contributor to the 68HTA thread posted on Nasioc by John@Cobb. I decided to actually see what we can get out of the 68hta on a stock 2.0L WRX. Now, when I say stock... I mean stock. No built bottom end, no porting, no crazy intake manifold, not even an AFTERMARKET intercooler. (Not yet )So, we got bored one night. Changed the oil, tightened up some clamps, strapped her down on the dyno and went to town. Just a quick run through of the mods: -Grimmspeed Wastegate Bracket -Grimmspeed External Wastegate Up-pipe (TiAL 38MVS) -Grimmspeed High Flow Cross Pipe -Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Control Solenoid -DeatschWerks 800CC Injectors -Forced Performance 68HTA -Samco Intercooler Hose Kit -Greddy Ti-C Comp-C Turboback -Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump -TurboXS Intake -Custom Catch Can So here is the numbers: Stock VS 68HTA 68HTA Current Numbers Just in case the typing is too small. Stock - 224.95 WHP / 254.80 WTQ 68HTA - 364.47 WHP / 341.26 WTQ Now as you can see, the rumor of boost tapering off is all in the tune. We held a solid 22-24psi across the board and it had more in it! Not to mention the peak power was had at 6750RPMS! This is proof in itself that the turbo can hold its own when its put in the correct hands. It spools great, has power whenever I need it and has yet to fail me. Stock numbers were with the turbo back, stock up-pipe, Agency Power blow off valve, and a MAX BOOST tune on stock turbo. Just a few pictures of the car: This turbo will be available in a few weeks, we are currently taking pre-orders to get you setup on the list to be one of the first to receive the turbo right off the backorder!
I would personally like to thank my sponsors for hooking it up and making the power happen! -Grimmspeed ( -Deatschwerks ( -Competition Clutch ( -RacingBrake ( Thanks for looking, Adam Brunson Last but not least our tuner. Without him, this is obvious that it wouldn't of happened. For him to stay after our long work hours and get some tedious tuning done is awesome. I can't thank him enough for taking this car to these numbers. Jordan, I love you!

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