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New Harman Motive Products (Nissan R35 GT-R)

Posted on 27 August 2009

Harman Motive is proud to announce 4 new products to add to their line of R35 GT-R parts.

Harman Motive Cold Air Intake

While it is true that the stock airbox system on the GTR is excellent, through careful testing we were able to develop a system that adds significant mid-range torque and horsepower while improving boost response. The Harman Motive Intake System draws cool air by placing large conical filters inside the front bumper. It completely replaces the stock airboxes and MAF housings. The primary parts of the Harman Motive Intake System are the billet MAF housings. Designed and machined in-house, our housings replicate the stock system size with high accuracy. This allows our intake to function without any adjustments to fuel trims or full throttle air/fuel ratio. As such, our intakes will work with the stock ECU or any tuning designed for the stock airboxes. Installation requires removal of the front bumper. The Nissan bumper is well made and easy to remove/install. No cutting or permanent modifications are required for the installation of this intake system. The Harman Motive intake sounds incredible on the Skyline. By placing the filters outside the engine bay, air induction and bypass (blow-off valve) can be heard during aggressive acceleration and shifting. However, the intake is quiet during cruise and does not have an annoying "sucking" sound during normal driving.

Harman Motive Midpipe

The Harman Motive Midpipe is the first step to unlock the power of the R35 GTR. By replacing the restrictive factory part, our midpipe dramatically improves horsepower, torque, and response. When coupled with a Cobb Accessport running Stage 2 mapping, gains are even more impressive.

Harman Motive Downpipe

Harman Motive is proud to release our Nissan GT-R R35 Catless Downpipes. Removing the factory downpipes open up the R35 giving horse power gains, an audible & efficient spool of turbos, lower engine temperatures, and no restriction.

Harman Motive Intercooler Piping Kit

Harman Motive's intercooler piping kit is designed to replace the rubber factory piping while offering improved response and power. Made from 6061 Aluminum and completely mandrel bent (no welds), our ICPK offers great looks along with great performance. Furthermore, our unit will not flex/expand like the stock rubber hose offering faster response & stable responsive boost you can feel!

All of these products are available for immediate purchase on MAPerformance.com

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