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2016 Ford Focus RS Internal Wastegate Actuator from Turbosmart

Posted on 08 June 2016

Internal Wastegate Actuator Focus RS

Exciting news for Ford Focus RS owners! New parts are being released left and right. And following the recent release of new bolt-on blow-off valves for the Focus RS, Turbosmart has bolstered their range for Ford's latest superhatch with a new billet Internal Wastegate Actuator for the RS! The wastegate plays an huge role in the turbo system. However, the Focus's standard actuator does not let the Focus reach its full potential, even at standard boost pressures. With this new product you will be allowed to.... TURN UP THE BOOST!


 Focus RS Wastegate Actuator

OEM wastegate actuators tend to use soft springs, which begin to open long before peak boost is reached. The result is that you don't get all the boost you could be getting, and it's not always there when you want it. Turbosmart's IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator is a 12PSI-rated actuator designed with a focus on performance. Turbosmart's actuator uses stiffer springs that help the wastegate stay closed when it's meant to, providing more boost earlier in the rev range, and less drop-off at high RPMs, with a more responsive and stable boost curve.

In addition, the IWG-75's billet construction and Turbosmart's rigorous quality testing ensures the ultimate in reliability, while the locking collar design allows for easy customization for different base pressures, should you want to tune your Focus for increased boost.

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