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Evo X Fuel Pump from MAPerformance

Posted on 23 May 2016

Evo X Fuel Pump with Install Kit

500+ WHP Ready Kit for High Performance and High Pressure

Evo X Fuel Pump

Pick up your Evo X Fuel Pump Kit From MAPerformance


Get the most out of your Evo X Fuel Pump from Walbro by ensuring it is getting the voltage it needs. Old, compromised OE wiring can limit the voltage your fuel pump receives. Our hardwire kit includes everything you need to safely, easily, and reliably wire your pump directly to your battery, ensuring no matter how hard you push your pump, your wiring will be up to the task. We especially recommend Evo X Fuel Pump Kit for use in cars over 10 years old, cars making over 400whp, and cars which were originally not designed for high horsepower.

Fuel Pump Kit Evo X

MAPerformance has all your Evo X Fuel Pump needs in stock and ready to ship! Follow the links and pick up your own easy install pump and kit. 


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