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What are Wheel Spacers and Adapters?

Posted on 25 April 2016

What are the benefits of wheel spacers and adapters?

Wheel spacers are typically used to install larger tires. A wheel spacer attaches to your hub and bolt to the lug nuts, giving the inside of your wheel extra clearance between the wheel hub assembly, increasing the distance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. Spacers are matched with a vehicle’s bolt pattern and fit over the existing studs, allowing the wheel to be mounted normally. The goal behind this is to allow different wheels or larger tires the proper clearance needed to not rub on the brakes, fender liner, or strut.

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How does this matter to you? Wheel spacers also have a performance benefit. Many people use wheel spacers to increase their vehicle’s traction and cornering abilities. Wheel spacers are also used by enthusiasts as a means of giving their car a more aggressive look, since the spacers will bring the outside of the tire closer to the lip of the fender for a flush appearance.

Wheel adapters are completely different, though they share many of the same characteristics as spacers. Wheel adapters are mounted to a vehicle’s wheel hub assembly to change the existing bolt pattern. You might find a wheel that you love, but it isn't available in you cars bolt pattern. An adapter would allow the usage of that wheel. Using wheel adapters also increasing the offset of a vehicle’s wheels, which in turn can increase the handling of vehicle, much like wheel spacers.

If you’re planning on installing wheel spacers and adapters, give us a call today! We have a large selection of Evo X wheel spacers, Subuaru Wheel adapters, and many other popular wheel adapters in stock! Always rememeber MAPerformance for your automotive needs!

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