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Hitting the Dyno? Take a look at our Dyno Prep Checklist!

Posted on 14 April 2016

Get Ready for the Rollers with the MAP Dyno Day Checklist

If you've taken your car to a performance auto shop for dyno testing, there are likely a few things running through your head. The most common concern for many enthusiasts is whether or not their car, something they've invested thousands of dollars and countless hours building, will stand up to the harsh testing conditions associated with dyno testing and dyno tuning without failing. Other common stresses relate to power output, cost, and the opinions of their friends.

Show me the dyno checklist!

All of these stressful situations can be avoided by thorughly inspecting your car before making the trip to the dyno. These inspections often vary between cars that are getting a full makeover and havent run, and cars that have had just a few bolt-ons installed. Either way, inspections are a vital way of preventing failure and ensuring your car makes the most power possible.

We've put together a quick guide for you to follow during before you head to the shop for dyno testing. Even if some of these steps dont apply to you, it's always a good idea to check them anyway in case the tuner or dyno operator has any questions. If you have any questions about any of these steps on the list, feel free to contact us! We can happily explain why it's important and in most cases, how to fix it if something seems wonky. Chances are, if you have any doubts about a part holding up on the dyno, it's a good idea to replace it!

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