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Subaru Owners! Here's 10% OFF the MAP Fuel Surge Tank!

Posted on 11 April 2016

We've got a Fuel Surge Tank for 2002-2007 Subaru WRX Owners, now 10% OFF!

If you're like most Subaru WRX STI owners who like to go fast, you'll most likely consider the idea of going to an autocross or road course track and testing your mettle against other drivers. But while the WRX STI is an awesome platform for these types of racing conditions, there is one aspect of the car which struggles to hold pace with the test, especially in stock form: the fuel system.

When running hard into the corners and taking tight turns at high speed, the fuel inside the gas tank rolls around, rolling about like the passengers aboard a ship during a big storm. Since the fuel pickup only comes from one location inside the tank, you may experience what is called fuel starvation. Starvation of fuel leads to lean conditions inside the engine since there is no fuel to burn in the cylinders.

The solution: A 2002-2007 STI fuel surge tank kit will store a small amount of fuel outside of the big fuel tank, preventing fuel starvation and therefore practically reducing the risk of lean conditions due to a lack of fuel. At MAPerformance we've developed a kit designed to satisfy the needs of WRX STI owners on the track, and it's currently 10% OFF!

The MAPerformance WRX/STI fuel surge tank kit comes with a large radium surge tank where the fuel will be stored, an upgraded 400lph Deatschwerks fuel pump with harness to send the gas to the engine, and all the fittings and hose needed to do so. We've designed this kit to install as painless as possible, making it the best choice for WRX/STI fueling upgrades!

If you have any questions about this WRX/STI fuel surge tank kit, please do not hesitate to ask! Our staff is waiting and happy to answer whatever questions you have (except who to vote for in the 2016 election) so get on the phone now!

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