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Modern Automotive Performance

2003 Mitsubishi Evo - Gilbert G.

Posted on 11 September 2013

GillTee Evo On Street Side MediumGillTee Evo Up Close FrontGillTee Evo Engine Bay Far DynoSheet Front Car PC Vehicle Owner- Gilbert G. Vehicle- 2003 Mitsubishi Evo Wheel Horsepower- 695 Best E.T.- 10.60 Home Track- Chicago


Engine Power Mods:
  • Fully Built Bottom End 2.0 Liter from Class One motors with a 9.5 to 1 Piston Compression
  • 9.5 JE Custom Pistons
  • Oliver I Beam Rods
  • Kelford Cams 272 intake and Exhaust
  • Kiggly Springs and Retainers
  • Kiggly Upgraded Oil Pressure Head Regulator
  • Forced Performance Black Turbo - Journal Bearing
  • High Pressure Wastegate Actuator for 30PSI Boost
  • Tial QR Black Recurculating Blow Off Valve Welded to Upper Intercooler Pipe
  • MAP Custom Catch Can with working Crank Case Relieve pressure valve
  • AMS Black Fuel Rail
  • Fidanza Cam Gears
  • Cam Gear cover
  • Buschur Double Pumper
  • Injector Dynamic 2000cc Injectors
  • Hallman Manual Boost Controller
  • K&N Air Intake
  • Buschur J Pipe
  • AMS New End Tank Front Mount Intercooler
  • MAP open O2 Dump housing
  • AMS Mini Battery Kit
  • AMS Upper Intercooler Pipe
  • AMS Lower Intercooler Pipe
  • Samco Hoses to entire Air system
  • AMS 3” Downpipe
  • AMS 3” Test Pipe (Cat Delete) With resonator
  • AMS 3” Vibrant Full Exhaust with Modified JDM Exhaust
  • MAPerformance Level 2 Heavily Ported and Heat Soak Black Paint Coated Intake Manifold
  • Hondata Heat Shield and Vellum Intake manifold Gasket
  • Boomba 75mm Throttle Body
  • Loko Thermal Coating on Turbo
  • Ported Exhaust Manifold and Loko Thermal Coating
  • Quartermaster Twin Disk Clutch with lightweight Flywheel
  • AWD Alluminum 2 piece Drive Shaft
  • AEM Version 2, E-85 Speed Density ECU tuning by Boostin Performance
  • Curt Brown Ceramic Wheel Bearings
  • DSS Stage 5 Axles
  • Buschur Rear Diff Solid Support Mounts
Interior Mods:
  • Full Leather package upgrade including door panels.
  • Trustz Black Evo 8 Gauge Overlays
  • AEM 50 psi Boost Gauge
  • AEM Uego multiface Air Fuel Ratio Wideband Gauge
  • AEM Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Custom In-Gauge Oil Pressure modification by Rush Group Detailing Boltz
  • Dash Pieces where painted to Satin Black
  • Shifter Cover was painted to Satin Black
  • Heating Controls where relocated to a custom molded Cubby Hole then painted to Satin Black
  • Car Computer Installed (2Ghz, 1GB Ram, 16GB SSD Drive) integrated under my car seat.
  • 7” Xenarc Computer Touch screen
  • Computer Screen Custom Mold to dash then painted satin Black.
  • Metal Shifter Bushings installed for better feel of my Stick Gear selector
  • GPS integrated in the Driver’s side pillar for the Co-Pilot GPS Software
  • Wireless Network Card integrated inside the Pillar for Wireless Connectivity
  • 200 Watt 4 Channel Amplifier Installed in Glove Box for Car computer sound
  • Autopage C3 2 way 1 Mile transmitter range alarm installed.
  • Autopage GPS module with 24/7 Satellite Tracking Antitheft device installed with phone GUI.
Exterior Mods:
  • Evo 8 Front Bumper Custom made to look like the Evo 9 bumper with shaved Mitsubishi logo
  • Blacked out Front Headlights with Yellow tinted markers removed to clear glass color
  • Blacked out Rear Taillights with Yellow tinted markers removed to clear glass color
  • JDM Rear Bumper installed
  • Afterhours Custom Made lightweight crash beam with anti-rust coating for the JDM Rear bumper
  • Mitsubishi Original Vortex Generator
  • Custom painted Engine Bay
  • Short Mini Antenna
  • Smoked color side turn Signals
  • Carbon Fiber Varis Front lip installed
  • Centric Performance Slotted and Lightweight Front Rotors
  • Centric Performance Slotted and Lightweight Rear Rotors
  • Peformance Friction Front Brakes
  • Peformance Friction Rear Brakes
  • Full High Quality Quartz Gray Paint Job
  • 3M Self-Reparing Clear Bra on Full Front, Half of Sides, Mirrors, and part of Rear bumper
  • Jacks Transmissions Built Trans
  • Wave Track LSD in Center Differential
  • TRE Built Rear Differential
  • Rear Metal Bushing to help with Launching
  • Stance Full Coilover suspension
  • CCW Wheels with Black anodizing
  • RE01 Performance Racing Tires
  • Brembo Calipers in front and rear painted to Semi-Gloss Black
  • Brembo Sticker re-applied to painted calipers with custom design in the rear.

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