Swift Lowering Springs - Sport and Spec-R

Formed in 1997 with inspiration from leading spring manufacturer Tokyo Hatsujo Manufacturing Co, Swing Springs has developed an elite line of performance racing springs and coilover springs of consumer use.

Since the establishment of Swift, it has been run by former racer and suspension guru Kei Yokota. Utilizing this first-hand involvement in the racing industry, Swift has propelled itself into the leading suspension manufacturer for the aftermarket, developing a wide range of spring rates for a variety of applications.

So if you're looking for the best lowering springs for your application or looking to experiment with different springs rates for your coilovers, specifically for the track or just play, take a look at Swift Springs!

Contact your friendly MAPerformance salesperson for help locating the right Lowering springs for your application!

Swift Springs are available for almost every application, in varying specs, including coilover springs! Check them out today!

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