A large area of asphalt has been set aside for drifting! Event structure and coordination will be handled by Dirty Love.

A combination of skidpad and gymkhana drifting will be available. Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the competition which will be judged for style in a skidpad format.

Tech Considerations
A functional seat belt and helmet are required. Batteries must be secured (no zip ties, bungee cords, etc) and no loose articles are permitted within the vehicle. Drift participants will be required to utilize fluid retention devices (sweatbands are commonly used) and have a spare set of tires available unless the vehicle was trailered to the event. Cracked windshields will not be permitted.

Starts: 06/20/2014 09:00 am
Ends: 06/22/2014
5523 Birchdale Road
Brainerd, MN