Jack's Transmission EVO 5 Speed Performance Rebuild (EVO 8 / 9 / 10)

Jack's Transmission EVO 5 Speed Performance Rebuild (EVO 8 / 9 / 10)

Rebuilt to shift better than new, last longer, and handle more power, Jack's Transmission offers the reliability you need to handle the performance you want!

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Rebuilt to shift better than new, last longer, and handle more power, Jack's Transmission offers the reliability you need to handle the performance you want!

Our EVO 5-speed transmission rebuilds include all Mitsubishi Technical Service Bulletins. We also include some other little touches to the synchronizer assemblies that we have learned through years of experience with the DSM units to make your EVO unit shift better than when it was new!We spend a lot of time on synchrotiming, alignment andoperation to give you the best shift possible.

We have also found a way to change a few things during assembly to not only reduce, but eliminate gear-to-hub thrust wear. We have our own preload specifications which will make your gears last longer and handle more power.

This trans is used by the fastest EVOs in Colorado. Many with multiple 10 second passes here at 6000ft with no issues at all and they are street and track driven cars! A couple have had our trans untouched since 06.

For a t-case that can also handle this power check out our t-case rebuilds too!


The EVOX 5-speed has to be one of the most beautifully engineered transmissions we have ever seen in a Mitsubishi. The large triple synchro 1st and 2nd to the double synchro 3rd, 4th and 5th make these very strong and a joy to drive!

Unfortunately the unit will need to be serviced if raced, abused or neglected. There are also issues with the center diff pins, fork pins and 3-4 fork that might creep up to bite you as well.

Have a 3rd gear crunch? No problem, we know how to change the slider ramp rate to fix that problem and we do it on all of our rebuilds!

The rebuild we offer for the EVOX include our fix to the center diff pin issue, fix for the fork roller pin problems, and 3-4 fork wear so you never have to worry about it again. Our units come with the longest warranty in the business which is unlimited mileage 14 months!

Shipping will be determined at the time of purchase on this item due to size and weight.

EVO 5 Speed Performance Rebuild

The parts replaced include:

  • 1st gear triple synchro rings
  • 1st gear triple synchro spring
  • 1-2 slider
  • 2nd gear triple synchro rings
  • 2nd gear triple synchro spring
  • 3rd gear double synchro rings
  • 3rd gear double synchro spring
  • 3-4 slider
  • 4th gear synchro ring
  • 4th gear synchro spring
  • 5th gear synchro ring
  • 5th gear synchro spring
  • 5-R slider
  • Reverse gear double synchro rings
  • Reverse gear double synchro spring
  • Modified roll pins so they won’t back out for 1-2, 3-4, 5-R
  • New oil seals (input and output)
  • New and revised set of input bearings
  • Parts are cleaned an blasted

A freight charge of $95 applies for return shipping.

I was just wondering if this is the price of a rebuild of my own transmission or is it a different unit that is rebuilt?

Asked by: ViceRyder
This price is for rebuild of your transmission.
Answered by: mdunn
Date published: 2013-07-30

Do you guys rebuilt transmission for Evo 8 MR 6 gear?

Asked by: Rangel805
Shep Transmission will do a "back-to-stock" rebuild on the 6 speed, but they do not have a "performance upgrade" available.
Answered by: mdunn
Date published: 2013-10-10

I would like to ask if this can be modify to have a 6th gear.. How much would it cost if ever.. Thanks and more power

Asked by: Skykid
This particular transmission could not be modified to have a 6th gear, but the Evo MR's were available with a 6 speed and you could source one from one of those.
Answered by: mdunn
Date published: 2013-10-21

How much HP will this upgrade support?

Asked by: BixEvo
Depends on a lot of variables. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your application!
Answered by: mdunn
Date published: 2013-11-06

how munch horse power can it handle

Asked by: jwoajorge
This service consists primarily of upgrades and/or replacement of the synchros, sliders, and bearings to refresh worn components and improve shifting. While it is mentioned a few times in the description that it will hold more power than a stock transmission, this is accomplished only by tweaking clearances during assembly to reduce wear. As such, there are several factors that will determine the longevity of this transmission including power output and driving style. As outlined they have had several customers running 10s in the quarter mile with this product, but putting a finite hp rating on this product is quite difficult.
Answered by: ccarey
Date published: 2014-02-06

Is this an item where i send my gearbox to you or is it that i get a rebuilt gearbox from you? 

Asked by: Halvring91
You would send your Evo transmission in for a rebuild and receive it back when it is done. This is a service offered by Jacks Transmission through MAPerformance.
Answered by: MAPTech
Date published: 2014-02-25

How long does the turn around take?

Asked by: Richy970
Jacks transmission rebuilds typically take between 4-6 weeks depending on race/project season. Busy times typically take longer due to the sheer volume of rebuild projects Jacks see's, but you can expect the same quality rebuilds year round.
Answered by: MAPTech
Date published: 2014-03-27

Do you have a exchange program where you ship me a trans and i pay a deposit and the deposit is refunded when you get my old unit? The reason I say this, 6 weeks is a long time for my car to sit in someones shop waiting for a trans it is a storage issue.

Asked by: fasttgt6
At this point in time, Jacks does not offer a core program. Because of this, the wait times vary based on the time of the season. 6 weeks is the maximum time as quoted by Jacks. It could very well take less time.
Answered by: MAPTech
Date published: 2014-04-14

On your 1st gear strech what happens to second gear now a longer first  means a short second am i right on this. how about a longer 2nd instead of first.

Asked by: fasttgt6
The Evo 9 1st gear is 2.785:1 which equates to a 4.88% mph increase over the 2.928:1 Evo 8 1st gear. The 2nd gear is the same for both the 8 and 9, leaving plenty of room for acceleration. A taller 1st gear in no way impacts the ratio of the 2nd gear.
Answered by: MAPTech
Date published: 2014-04-14

Hi I'm from Elizabeth nj  I have a evo8 I need 2fix my transmission what should i do to get one of the rebuilt trans tha u guys  got do I have 2 send my first o how is the proses I really need it soon as posible and were u guys are located

Asked by: Tupapiturbo
Thanks for the questions! We're located in Cottage Grove, MN but all of our Jack's Transmission rebuilds go to their facility in Colorado Springs, CO. Your Evo transmission will be shipped to their shop, and they will perform any services you purchase and ship the item back to you.
Answered by: MAPTech
Date published: 2014-04-18

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