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MAPerformance Evo X Stainless Steel Investment Cast Exhaust Manifold’s are ready to ship!

Have you purchased a MAPerformance Evo X Stainless Steel Investment Cast Exhaust Manifold? If so, they’ll be shipping out very soon!

What started as an idea quickly became a prototype. From there, a prototype was tested and improved before finally going into production. Your interest grew and so did our confidence that this was a product that had a very good chance of crushing the market. Our pre sale group-buy campaign was a hit, and now we’ve stocked our shelves with the MAPerformance Evo X Stainless Steel Investment Cast Exhaust Manifold!

 MAPerformance Evo X Stainless Steel Investment Cast Exhaust Manifold!

A shelf in our warehouse dedicated to the MAPerformance Evo X Stainless Steel Investment Cast Exhaust Manifold!

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Three Tips on Selecting an Evo X aftermarket Clutch | Competition Clutch Authorized Dealer Q+A

For most, choosing the proper clutch for the Evolution X is tough. Competition Clutch has offered three tips on how to chose the best Evo X aftermarket clutch.

Competition Clutch is the fastest growing Mitsubishi clutch kit manufacturing company in the United States thanks to their low failure rate and excellent customer service. All units are developed right here in the U.S. and each prototype goes through rigorous research and development. Competition Clutch has one of the best warranties and highest rated customer service in the industry, and they aim to be the Evo VII-X aftermarket clutch leader!


One of the most daunting tasks in a clutch replacement is deciding which clutch is best – not the process of dropping the transmission or the long hours and greasy fingers. After all, doing a clutch install once, just to take it apart again because of a poor decision is the last thing anybody wants. Here are some things to remember before pulling the trigger on a kit.

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2008-2014 Evo X Radiator Hose | Venair Silicone Coolant Hoses now available!

If you’re looking to replace every factory Evo X Radiator hose with high strength silcone hoses, check out Venair’s awesome kit!

venair Evo X radiator Hoses

Venair now offers Evo X radiator hoses for the 2008-2014 Mitsubishi Evolution 10 feature a super durable 5-ply silicone construction and are available in black, red, and blue. Replace your unattractive, deteriorating factory hoses with a high quality silicone replacement which can withstand higher temperatures and pressures, often seen in high performance applications. This is a four piece kit which will replace the factory Evo X radiator hoses. A great item for completing that engine bay’s color scheme, these hoses will be noticed!

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MAP EF2.5 Group Buy | Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save BIG!

Are you a member of EvoXforums.com or EvolutionM.net? Head on over to the forums and sign up to save big with our MAP EF2.5 group buy!

If you’re a member of either EvoXforums or EvolutionM, take a look at your respective forums to get on the list for the MAP EF2.5 group buy! We’re offering deep discounts for a limited time only, so don’t miss out! We recently made improvements to our EF series Evo X turbochargers, and the EF2.5 was one of the turbo’s included in those revisions. Details on those changes can be found on our blog. We’re excited to get these improved housings out to our customers!


Still on the fence? The EF2.5 is capable of making 500whp on E85. Furthermore, you’ll receive our durable 12cm twin scroll turbine housing and compressor housing, an 18psi Turbosmart actuator with an additional 5psi spring, and a MAP 3″ turbo inlet that allows you to retain your stock oil feed line.

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Ralliart / Evo X Inline Fuel Filter | Consider the Benefits of an Inline Filter!

The MAP Evolution X and Ralliart Inline Fuel Filter is a MUST for Protecting Your Vehicles Fuel Injectors and Engine.

Proper fueling is important to any modern internal combustion engine. Without the right fuel system components, even the fastest race car is destined for the scrapyard. In an attempt to prevent such catastrophes, MAPerformance has developed a kit for installing an inline fuel filter on your Mitsubishi Evo X and Ralliart models.

evo x inline fuel filter

If your Evolution has an aftermarket Walbro 255 style fuel pump, an adapter is required for installation of higher flowing fuel pumps. Using these adapters typically eliminates the factory in-tank fuel filter. Running your car without a fuel filter is especially dangerous and can lead to fuel injector failure or worse, a junk engine.

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