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Keep your 350Z from running hot at the track with this new Aluminum Radiator from Mishimoto!!!



May 2, 2011 – Mishimoto has just unveiled an aluminum radiator designed for the 2007-2009 Nissan 350Z. The Mishimoto Nissan 350Z aluminum radiator is designed to be the ideal upgrade from your OEM radiator by providing up to 30% increased cooling capacity to protect daily drivers and performance cars alike from overheating. The Mishimoto Nissan 350Z radiator features a lightweight dual core made of 100% brazed aluminum and polished aluminum end tanks for improved performance and aesthetics. Due to a design that retains OEM fitment, installation will be effortless with no cutting or additional modifications required.

Nissan 350Z Aluminum Radiator, 2007-2009
Model: MMRAD-350Z-07
MSRP: $380.00

Our Price: $285


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New Enkei Wheels Coming Early 2011!

The new FUJIN is ENKEI’s first lightweight Tuning wheel. It is a light weight street wheel designed for the everyday driver but with added MAT technology performance benefits.

The Fujin, named after the Japanese god of wind, is made for enthusiasts looking for a light, strong, and stylish wheel at a very affordable price point. It is built using the same MAT technology as the Enkei racing series wheels and is available in 17 and 18-inch configurations to fit a wide variety of vehicles.

The low weight, high strength, and value pricing of the Fujin make it ideal for those looking for improved performance and sleek styling without breaking the bank. All of these features are sure to make the Fujin a common sight at autocross events and track days everywhere.

NEW FOR 2011
(Available early 2011)
• Sizes 17 or 18″
• Black or Silver
• Spec-E Inspected
• MAT Technology

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ACT High Performance Clutch Kits (Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 2007-2008)

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) has released a new high performance clutch kit and components for the 07-08 Nissan 350Z and the 07-08 Infiniti G35 (VQ35HR).

ACT’s new clutch kit for the 350Z and the G35 feature a Heavy Duty Pressure Plate that incorporates hardened diaphragm fingers for decreased wear and provides a 52% increase in clamp force over the stock unit.

The ACT Street Clutch Kit combines the Heavy Duty Pressure Plate and a Performance Organic Street Disc, a disc that features special performance organic friction materials to withstand increased heat and abuse, steel backed linings for high burst strength and modifications engineered for quicker shifting. The ACT Street Clutch Kit provides a moderate and consistent pedal feel, smooth engagement, significantly improved durability and increases the torque capacity to 435 ft. lbs.

ACT Race Clutch Kits will hold 550 ft. lbs. of torque. Metallic Ceramic Xtreme Discs are available in 6 puck sprung and un-sprung hub designs and are very durable while allowing for quick shifting. The Xtreme Discs are for high power engines and recommended for track use only.

ACT Street Clutch Kit
Part Number: NZ2-HDSS
MSRP: $874.07

ACT Race Clutch Kit
Part Number: NZ2-HDR6
MSRP: $779.96

ACT Race Clutch Kit (6 puck sprung)
Part Number: NZ2-HDG6