MAP’s 2008 Evolution X GSR Build Thread aka Project GGX

Well, we’ve been selling Evo X products for a while now (we actually make several of own in house) and previously had to rely on our local MN Evo X owners for any product development or testing. As our plans for the platform have expanded significantly we decided to bite the bullet and pick one up for ourselves.

I found this beauty at a dealership in Madison, WI (about 250 miles from our shop) and simply couldn’t ignore the fact that the previous owner only managed to put 13,9XX miles on it in over two years! The body is pristine and the only flaw I could really find was some curb rash, but the stock wheels will be coming off soon anyways

We’ve got big plans for this project, which is also my daily driver, but I can’t spill the beans just yet. This blog will document the entire build process including installation guides, tech articles, and dyno results. Below is what we’re working with as a baseline on 91 octane, it’s hard to tell but this thing is super rich, a tune alone should yield substantial gains. Your comments and/or suggestions for the project would be greatly appreciated